Database download

In this section, TBZ data (.csv) are available for download to registered users. Besides, contributors/ collaborators can view on map the TBZ records so far collected, and spot areas where information/records are not yet available. Maps will be periodically updated upon receipt of the various contributions/records. Records  so far collected are provided in data set, and related maps, aggregated in 7 main categories of TBZ agents.

  1. Arbovirus
  2. Zoonotic Babesiosis
  3. Human Ehrlichiosis & anaplamosis
  4. Lyme Borreliosis
  5. Spotted Fever Group
  6. Relapsing Fever
  7. Q Fever

Note: Records of CCHF cases, as mainly gathered outside the 35_N 35_S belt (e.g. in Turkey), have beenexcluded –for the time being- from our data collection and analysis. As other researchers within the former ICTTD-3 project, and related networks,  are almost solely dealing with CCHF, a lot of updated information on CCHF epidemiology is already available and published (Ergonul O, Whitehouse CA (2007) Crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever. A global perspective. Springer).